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Who’s Hiring

This is a list of Covid-19 Global Hiring News, Career Resilience Tips, and Job Leads.
We connect great people to talent… Great talent to great jobs. We are in this together.

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Good News Business Views and Who is Hiring

COVID-19 Business Innovation Goodness and Good News Ford, General Motors and Tesla have begun to produce ventilators for hospitals Gilead Sciences Inc. is donating 1.5 million doses of experimental anti-coronavirus drug remdesivir, which could treat 140,000 patients under compassionate use rules. Hospitals are using Artificial Intelligence

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Honoring RESPECT champion, Laura Baumgardner

    August 11, 2020: Pontiac, IL: Laura Baumgardner, champion for RESPECT in education and in life. I had been planning to write this story for a few years. Life kept getting in the way. As today is her birthday, please join me in thanking

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US EDD: Unemployment Info & CA Tips for Covid-19 UI Claims

Help for COVID-19 Global Pandemic 07.16.2020: So many are suffering now. The Covid-19 Global Pandemic’s impacts are herculean, for government, business, and families worldwide. In every region, Unemployment workers struggle with how to pay the rent, get food, and stay healthy during the crisis. Those